About the Brand Warrior

MarkTrueSMFor more than 25 years, Mark True has been a writer, editor, creative director, event planner, producer, communicator, manager and leader in the trade media, in organizations and at communications agencies. Along the way, he’s discovered and shared the stories of brands, created conventional advertising and unconventional communications, earned a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications and helped successfully launch a new nutritional ingredient brand.

The best of those experiences was helping organizations discover their real brand and then strategically embrace that brand throughout the organization – from marketing communications to day-to-day decision making.

Much like a personal trainer, he speaks straight to the facts and provide the tools and training to make your brand stronger, and extra motivation and accountability to make you successful for the long run.

Here’s what others have said about Mark:

  • “Mark was energetic, creative and thorough as he took us through a well structured branding process. Years later, we continue to utilize the process and rely on the work Mark did for us.”
    – Tom VanderWell, C Wenger Group
  • “The first time I met Mark, I immediately appreciated his get-up-and-go style, creativity and talent for challenging our team to think outside-the box. He is a pro at exploring ‘the big idea’, fine-tuning it and implementing the finished result in a sensible way.”
    – Phil Stanislav, Precision Dev.
  • “Mark is an extremely passionate marketing professional. He played a pivotal role in several outstanding marketing campaigns – the best I’ve seen in my career. He is talented, organized, and on-time – a rare combination for a creative guy. He also has the ability to get along with just about everybody. He aims to please, but sticks to his convictions.”
    – Alex Fink, Kemin Foods
  • “If you are considering Mark for your next project, I can offer my highest recommendation and see no reason for caution unless your organization is not yet open to building a great brand. If that is the case, then Mark offers the skills to open your minds and more importantly your hearts in creating meaningful emotional connections to your organization’s brands.”
    – Steve Hanson, Kemin Foods

Brand happens every day, and Mark can help you influence your brand with purposeful, authentic and sustained communications.


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