Bad customer service you gotta love

>Last night, I popped a new, refilled ink cartridge into my printer to find it wouldn’t work. I called the Walgreen’s technical service number on the cartridge and was greeted with a thick, but delightful female British accent. I began by explaining my problem, telling the lady my printer type, etc. but was soundly cut off with “Just a minute, love, I’ll ask the questions.” And then she proceeded to ask my name, address, telephone and email address. I could hardly keep laughing as I dutifully answered her questions before she told me that a technical services person would call me back shortly.

They didn’t call back last night, and hadn’t as of early this morning. Nevertheless, it was an interesting example of bad service that left me with a smile on my face. She was entertaining and I didn’t expect to get a good answer anyway. I guess that’s what happens when you go in with low expectations.

Today, Mike Wagner reminded me that Ireland has embraced the world’s customer service work, so I figure that’s where she was when I called. I think I interrupted her tea time!

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