Sports logo blog’s a winner

If you want to combine your marketing interests with your sports interests, check out the Sports Logo Pundit Blog. The guy’s admittedly an amateur design critic, and he’s sometimes a bit harsh in his commentary – such as on the Connecticut Defenders logo pictured here – but he’s not afraid to share his opinions. Besides, logos are really subjective, and everyone has an opinion.

I’ll be visiting regularly because he writes quick, clear and concise about logos I know and many that are new to me. I’m also a logo junkie from way back (have you ever seen the Memphis Rogues’ logo from the 1970s North American Soccer League?). And I’m fascinated by the money sports teams make on gear while generating interest and unequalled brand loyalty.

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2 Responses to Sports logo blog’s a winner

  1. >if you like sports, check out josh q. public

  2. >Mark, amazing recommendation from my perspective. Mainly because it shows the amazing fragmentation and specialization of interest the Internet supports.Have you seen Hugh’s pick your sliver cartoon yet?

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