Watch out, I’ve got the blog flu?

Olivier Blanchard of the Brand Building Blog has sneezed on me as part of a experiment called the The Indie Virus. It’s a test designed by another blogger to measure the effectiveness of a viral campaign among the non-top-100 bloggers. As a non-top-200,000 blogger, I’m honored to be among the subjects in this experiment.

Now I’ll pass it on to a couple of blogs that have emerged recently, but are a blast to read:

The first is the evangelicalchurchblues blog by a friend and client of mine. As far as I’m concerned, this is the “I wish I would have said that” blog! If call yourself a Christian, be ready to be held accountable.

The next is the brand evangelist blog that I posted about a few weeks ago. I don’t know where Aaron Dignan’s blog rests on the pecking order, but I do know that he writes with skill and attitude that is honorable and admirable. And he’s on fire about the value of brand.

Now, would someone pass me a tissue? (And thanks to mattie_shoes for the flickr photo.)

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4 Responses to Watch out, I’ve got the blog flu?

  1. >Thanks for the link, Mark! I appreciate the kind words & support!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >You’ve linked to my site instead of Aaron’s…I want to make sure people are able to reach him. Thanks for participating!

  3. Mark true says:

    >Thanks. What would I do without the help of anonymous people fixing my mistakes?

  4. Blog Intro says:

    >This Blog will be Introduced on today!xl

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