Different strokes…about McDonald’s blog attempt

>Shel Israel at Naked Conversations gave McDonald’s a little tough love in his evaluation of the fast-food giant’s first attempts at blogging. Check out his comments. They are very helpful to any new blogger, including this one! I said as much in my comment that it was clear, concise and just enough tough love to be helpful without being mean spirited. Kate at My Name is Kate, however, took offense to Shel’s advice, or at least the tone of it. She said it was a case of an A-lister overflowing with arrogance.

She says the advice was unsolicited even though McDonald’s senior director Bob Langert actually asked some very specific question – opening a conversation – in his post. And by the tone and content of his next post, Langert seemed to appreciate the comments, and has asked additional questions.

Kate also writes “I feel like ‘A-listers’ are often speaking out of both sides of their mouth. “Companies should be in the blogosphere. But they should stay out unless they are perfect.” I didn’t see that tone anywhere in Shel’s post. In fact, he seemed to be saying “here are a few tips to make it better.” And I think many of us on the sidelines are cheering on McDonald’s (and other corporate brands interested in doing a better job).

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2 Responses to Different strokes…about McDonald’s blog attempt

  1. shel israel says:

    >Thank you for saying this, Mark. You very accurately interpreted my intentions in what I wrote and in the tone I used.

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