>Love Cavanaugh, Love Monkey

>I’ve watched two episodes of Love Monkey and I love it. Not only because Tom Cavanaugh is such a funny guy but because he’s wickedly funny. The stories are rather average, but the story telling is engaging. Like in Ed – another favorite of mine – Cavanaugh breaks the third barrier regularly to add zip to his already-zippy repartee and keep you on your toes.

The coolness of the music industry backdrop adds to it because everybody wants to work in a funky office like his, making a paycheck by listening to musicians and arranging concerts. I’m betting that it’s not as much fun at it looks. His pals – including a suddenly middle-aged Jason Priestley – aren’t very interesting characters and I find myself getting up for a beverage when one of their storylines is being played out.

I have a rather limited range of music interests so I don’t know if those are real artists doing cameos (other than country music’s LeAnn Rimes) or not, but I imagine so. Rimes’ 10-second appearance was teased in the ads last week and The Late Show’s Paul Schaffer is highlighted next week.

Check it out on Tuesday night and let me know if you love the monkey, too.

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One Response to >Love Cavanaugh, Love Monkey

  1. Anonymous says:

    >here is an interview with michael rouch and he talks about Tom Cavanagh’s likable personality:http://unifiedtheorynothingmuch.blogspot.com/2006/01/qa-with-love-monkey-creator-michael.html

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